The first Stadium Series jersey is out and… looks like when the MLB tried to Turn Ahead the Clock, but somewhat toned down.
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Welcome to the ECHL, Indy Fuel
WE HARDLY KNEW YE: Checkers release Rick DiPietro.
The microcosm of Rick DiPietro’s career as of late.
Wednesday, DP gave up five goals on 15 shots and pulled midway through the second period in a game against the Hershey Bears. 
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Remember that time Ryan Miller and the Sabres were in the same hotel as a furry convention??
From the Anaheim Ducks Blog on January 25, 2010

Okay, but here’s where it gets weird: Someone snapped this photo on the right and posted it on Twitter, a shot of Sabres goalie Ryan Miller posing with two furries in Ducks and Sharks jerseys. And here’s where it gets REALLY weird: The Ducks jersey on the left? It’s No. 18, which was last worn by Drew Miller, RYAN MILLER’S BROTHER.  You can’t make this stuff up. Not only does this person own a Drew Miller jersey, but they somehow run into his brother while wearing one over a fox costume? I can’t wrap my brain around how this possibly could have happened.

If they knew this worked out well together, why did Pittsburgh have to make the Furries postpone their convention during Draft Weekend??
Hockey beer deals in your face.
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Pennsylvania band Balance and Composure combine the heritage of hockey and a spin-off of their latest album “The Things We Think We’re Missing” for their Canadian Tour poster.