The Bakersfield Condors are hosting “Undie Sunday” on April 13th and it’s….it’s a doozy. Minor league hockey, folks— learn it, live it, love it.
The Score breaks down why the KHL All-Star Game is everything you’d ever need in an All-Star Game.
Spoiler— it’s cake.
Williams College goalie Sam Kurland adds a new layer (literally) to goalies playing in outdoor games.
Photo via Melissa Wade.

Last month, Hershey Bears’ right winger Casey Wellman gave a whole new meaning to the idiom, “jumping the shark”. No longer should this phrase conjure images of Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli literally jumping over a shark on water skis… while sporting a leather jacket. Instead, imagine Wellman putting approximately four feet of air between him and Worcester Sharks goaltender, Harri Sateri. Not an actual shark, but still pretty amazing. The Bears blanked the Sharks 4-0, so maybe Hershey should incorporate more vertical moves into their game plans…? And maybe more leather jackets…?
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